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LWV-Wake Environment Committee

LWV-Wake and the Environment

The LWV of Wake County's Environment Committee is committed to engaging, educating, and advocating on a range of environmental issues that impact Wake County, North Carolina, and beyond.

Our committee members have diverse backgrounds and expertise, united by a common goal of protecting the environment and promoting informed decision-making.

We strive to raise awareness about environmental issues, engage with policymakers and community leaders, and empower citizens to take action to protect our planet.

What the Environment Committee Does

We stay informed about local, regional, and national environmental issues.

We organize meetings, educational events and field trips to educate and raise awareness about environmental challenges and solutions.

We push for policies that support environmental protection, sustainability, and climate resilience.

We empower citizens to take action through volunteering, advocacy, and community engagement.

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Want to know one simple thing YOU can DO to benefit the environment?

Don’t sit in your car with the engine idling. The temptation is understandable. You’re just picking up a take-out order, sending a text, or waiting for someone who’ll be back in ten minutes.

How bad could that be?

ery bad, as it turns out. Letting your engine run pollutes the air, wastes fuel, and contributes to global warming. It generates soot and exhaust fumes that create smog, damage plants, and exacerbate asthma, allergies, and cardiovascular disease.

So, what can you do? Unless you’re in traffic, turn off your engine if you’re stopping for more than 10 seconds. Skip the pick-up line: go inside to fetch your order. Wait until you’re out of the car to look at your phone. Every little bit helps.

Note to EV drivers: you do not get a free pass! True, polluting emissions are not coming out of your tailpipe, but they are coming from the power plants that charge your battery. And even 100% green energy is a finite resource, much too precious for us to waste.

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Timely Topics Sponsored by the Environment Committee

Join Us!

Are you passionate about protecting the environment and making a difference in Wake County? Join us! Whether you're a seasoned environmental advocate or new to activism, there are opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Become a Member: Join LWV-Wake and indicate your interest in the Environment Committee.

Attend Events: Stay updated on upcoming events, meetings, and activities hosted by the Environment Committee.

Volunteer: Help us organize events, conduct research, and advocate for environmental policies.

Spread the Word: Share our webpage and social media channels with your networks to help raise awareness about environmental issues and our work.

Contact Us: For more information about the Environment Committee or to get involved, please contact Jacqueline Giordano!